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About Quo Vadis Holidays

The Quo Vadis Story

Welcome to Quo Vadis Holidays. So you’re thinking of a trip overseas.

Maybe you’ve already survived a 2-3  star, “see-it-all-through-the-coach-windows”, break-neck speed, not-much-included, lots of hidden extras whirlwind tour of all the typical tourist spots when you were far less discerning and happy even if your basic hotel was miles from anywhere and anything.

These days though, you want to enjoy the fruits of your labour and enjoy your time away. You want to drink wine in the Tuscan sun, wander the French countryside, explore Mediterranean fishing villages, cozy up by the fire in the Swiss Alps or cruise the warm turquoise waters of the Croatian islands. You want to tick-off bucket-list items like husky-sled dog rides, snowmobiling in the Arctic and seeing the mesmerising Northern Lights from a unique glass igloo room. You’d like to see the stunning fjords of Western Norway and tundra of Arctic Circle in Lapland with more less people and more space on your transportation rather than being crammed 40-50 people in a tourist coach for days on end.  You want to be a traveller rather than play the stereotype tourist, but you haven’t got the time to plan your trip.

Quo Vadis Holidays is an Australian-owned travel company specialising in relaxed-pace, European tours for discerning travellers who appreciate small-group travel but are independent enough to enjoy exploring places and cities on their own in their free-time rather than having their hand-held at every moment.

Our offering is unique. Our European tours (and from 2020 Mexico and Cuba and 2021 South America!) are slower paced allowing you time to relax and explore destinations most tourists don’t know exist.

We’ve thought of the little things: smaller groups up to maximum of around 20 guests (~25 for “Arctic Circle and Auroras” trips) and less time in the coach. Later starts in the mornings, longer stays in each destination, well-located, quality accommodation and more inclusions so you won’t keep having to put your hand in your pocket as we include it most of it upfront than surprising you with lots of additional costs whilst on tour.

At Quo Vadis Holidays we don’t aim to be the cheapest but we aim to be one of the best! With well-thought out trips that are designed by the people who actually run them. This means we know exactly what guests do and don’t like about the other standard, “cookie-cutter” trips out there and design our boutique trips appropriately. There are other tour operators who provide cheaper tours that are much faster-paced with less inclusions, lower-standard hotels that are not centrally-located and anywhere from 40 to 51 plus guests on board.

Take a look at the Quo Vadis Holidays difference!

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